Official Tutor List

Tutor List 2015/2016

The private tutor list is a list of students who wish to provide tutor services to other students. The list is not vetted in any way by the QSCU and users do so at their own risk. Any charges of services are determined by the tutor and student.


Name: Nathan Woollard


Phone Number: 250-861-7735

Tutoring Subjects/Courses: All first and second year mathematics

Background: BA in Mathematics and BEd. from UBC Vancouver, over 4 years teaching in public schools around the world and over 12 years of tutoring experience.

Cost: First two hours of tutoring is free, and a fee is discussed and mutually agreed upon based on need and financial ability. No student in financial need will be turned away.


Name: Paul Lee


Phone Number: 250-681-6181

Tutoring Subjects/Courses: Any first or second year math, first year stats, third and fourth year math (situational)

Background: I am a PhD student in mathematics with 8 years experience being a TA and peer tutor at the Math and Science Centre. My tutoring specialty is in calculus but can tutor any first or second year math course. Third and fourth year courses are on a case-by-case basis and mainly limited to number theory and algebra.

Cost: $25/hr, first meeting is free


Name: Kyle Berthaudin


Tutoring Subjects/Courses: Physics I and II (PHYS 112, PHYS 122, PHYS 111, PHYS 102), Calculus I and II (MATH 100, MATH 101)

Background: Hi hi! I’m Kyle and I’m going for my BSc in physics, with a minor in math. I’m not sure exactly what I want to do as a career, but I’d love to be a teacher at some point. I love what I’m studying, I love people, and if you put the two together *poof!* you get a teacher. I’m pretty easy going and lively, and uh, yeah! That’s it I suppose.

Cost: $20/h


Name: Maria Guenter


Tutoring Subjects/Courses: Calculus I and II (MATH 100, MATH 101), Intro to Java I and II (COSC 111, COSC 121)

Background: 2nd year BSc in Mathematics with a Computer Science minor. Exec member of the QSCU. Enjoys math and cats.


Name: Jessa Marley


Tutoring Subjects/Courses: First year mathematics, Calculus III (MATH 200), Introduction to Java (COSC 111), potentially others upon request

Background: I am a 5th year Applied Mathematics Major, Computer Science minor. I have been teaching varying subjects as a volunteer for 9 years, and professionally for 6. At UBCO, I have TAed for 3 years now for math and computer science.

Cost: To be determined on a case-by-case basis.


Name: Jimit Majmudar


Tutoring Subjects/Courses: First year mathematics, Calculus III (MATH 200), first year physics (PHYS 112 and 122).

Background: I am a second year master’s student in Mathematics, and I’ve previously TAed for mathematics and physics courses here at UBCO.

Cost: To be determined on a case-by-case basis.



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