Tutor System

Welcome to the QSCU tutor system!

What is it?
This is a place where the QSCU will connect local tutors with students who are looking for a tutor.

How does it work?
As a tutor, you’re looking to offer your business to as many students as possible and we as a course union receive many requests for tutors. The QSCU Tutor System offers a unique platform for both tutors and students where everyone can fulfill their needs.

As a student, we understand the struggles of looking around for a tutor. By using this platform you will have access to a list of tutors with their unique background and services for free!

Important Information:
The QSCU is not formally affiliated with any tutors in the tutoring system. This tutoring system is solely to help tutors and students find one another. The QSCU accepts no responsibility for any complications in tutoring.

The system lists tutors in order of subject and chronological to time entered. The order in the system has no indication in quality of tutor, nor affiliation with the QSCU.