Clubs Of Interest

CSCU – BC Hacks

The CSCU is focused on the organization and operation of BC Hacks

UBCO Girls In Tech

Student chapter of the Association for Computing Machinery’s Council on Women in Computing (ACM-W)

Video Game Development Club

Club focused on the creation and development of video-games.

Sports Programming Club

Club focused on competitive programming
Facebook Page

Astronomy Club

A club made for the students of UBC Okanagan to promote a community-wide interest in Astronomy
Instagram: @ubcoastronomy

UBCO Engiqueers

A member of EngiQueers Canada, the Engiqueers’s goal is to promote equity, diversity, and inclusivity in engineering, with an emphasis on LGBTQ+ students.
Facebook Page

UBCO Design Club

UBCO Design Club Logo

The Design Club runs critique sessions, community projects, design software workshops, as well as a bunch of introductory sessions to bring more people in the wonderful world of design
Facebook Page

Web Development Club

A club made for the students of UBC Okanagan who are interested in Web Development.
Discord Server

Resources Outside UBCO

SAING Puebla

Student-lead Engineering support from Tec de Monterrey Campus Puebla
instagram: @saing_tecpue