Vice President

Kathryn Lecha
4th year Computer Science Student

Hi! I’m Kat, and I am the vice president of the QSCU. I’m in my final year at UBCO, studying computer and data science. In my free time, I enjoy drawing comics and listening to lofi or taking long walks. I hope to help create and unite a community in the department during remote learning and support students to the best of my ability. The QSCU has been an incredibly supportive and welcoming place for me and I hope to share that experience with everyone.

Vice President Role and Guidelines

The VP works closely with the president to ensure the course union is running properly. Should the president not be able to complete a task, the VP will step in. Responsibilities include event organization, contacting outside source, general managing and encouraging positive functioning within the course union. This position requires quite a bit of time and dedication. Any responsibilities listed above could become the VP’s responsibility in the case that the president cannot complete it.

Both the president and VP should work closely throughout the year to look for opportunities to expand the course union to add value to our members.