Livia Jonnatan
4th year Data Science major, Economics minor Student

Hello everyone! I’m Livia Jonnatan and I’m a fourth-year Data Science honors student and Economics minor. I am originally from Indonesia. You may see me around campus organizing events, TA-ing, researching, studying, or eating. Whenever you see me on campus, feel free to say hi and ask questions! Outside of school, I enjoy photography, cooking, and traveling. I am excited to be the QSCU’s president so I can create a more welcoming environment for all in the QSCU and be resourceful and helpful for students!

President Role and Guidelines

The president is in charge of making sure everything in the course union runs smoothly and that its executives/volunteers are working together as is expected of them. This includes event organization, contacting outside sources, meeting scheduling, and encouraging positive functioning within the course union when appropriate. Many of the president’s responsibilities overlap with other executives but it is the President’s duty to delegate what others responsibilities are and the expectations of their roles for a given event/project/ect.

Any and all issues that arise due to the functioning of this course union is the responsibility of the president to address. Such an issue should be dealt with as soon as possible in coordination with any other executives that are involved in the issue.

The presidents main goal throughout his/her time in this position is to ensure the long-term success of the course union. This will change depending on the challenges faced each year but should be addressed as directly as possible.