External Coordinator

Jaden Balogh
3.5 year Computer Science Student
email: external.coordinator.qscu@gmail.com

I’m a 3rd year computer science major with a passion for video game development. I also enjoy playing badminton, composing music and playing video games (of course). Oh, and I may or may not be a robot. Beep, beep.

External Coordinator Role

The external coordinator is responsible for representing the QSCU in the local community and creating connections with local businesses. This includes attending local events, keeping up with contacts, and potentially organizing the industry symposium. Since this position is so new to the course union its responsibilities have not yet been solidified.
However the goal of this position is to interact with entities outside of the UBC/Academic community to find opportunities that can be of value to our members.
The Outreach event is part of this role’s responsibility. This involves contacting the high schools and arranging the event. However, the subject booths are the responsibility of either the respective subject representatives or other volunteers.