Our Executives


Parsa Rajabi
3rd Year Computer Science Major

Vice President

Sean Colford
5th Year Physics and Math Major

VP Finance

Emily Medema
2nd Year Computer Science Major, English Minor

Social Media Coordinator

Brittany Miller
Bachelor of Education in Mathematics

Events Coordinator

Lauren StClair
3rd Year Computer Science Major

Internal Coordinator

Liam Welsh
5th Year Math Major, Computer Science Minor

External Coordinator

Kathryn Lecha
2nd Year Computer Science Major

Computer Science Representative

Mackenzie Salloum
5th Year Computer Science Major, Data Science Minor

Physics Representative

Sabrina Madsen
5th Year Physics Major, Math Minor

Statistics and Data Science Representative

YooJin Kristine Kim
3rd Year Math Major, Statistics Minor

Math Representative

Cole Priestman
3rd Year Math Major

Graduate Representative

Phil Shreeves
1st Year Graduate Studies in Mathematical Statistics