Here we have compiled a list of the socials we run, organized by event date.

Upcoming Social Events:

  • Halloween Costume Party and Movie Night
    • We will be hosting a Halloween pumpkin carving and costume contest! Submit your photos to our email, discord, or instagram. We will be judging at 6:30 on stream.
      • Winners will get a Starbucks/Amazon gift card!
    • We will watch a movie over Discord
    • Friday October 30th 6:30pm PDT to whenever
  • Bob Ross Paint Night
    • We are running an online bob ross paint night! Any art style is allowed- digital or traditional. We can also work to create some emojis for our discord!
    • November 20th
  • Fibonaccho Day
    • Come learn R from John Braun. We will also be sharing a nacho recipe!
    • November 23rd
  • LGBTQ in STEM Movie Night
    • Movie Night Collaboration with the PRC and EngiQueers!
    • January

Past Social Events:

  • Games Night
    • We are running an online games night! This social event will be held on zoom, with each break out room hosting a different game to play. We have a bunch of fun game options lined up such as codenames, pictionary, and werewolf. Take a break from your studies and come hangout with us!
    • September 25th – 5pm PDT