Black Lives Matter

In the sciences we are taught to not let our implicit biases affect our research. It is now time for us to recognize our biases towards racial/ethnic minorities. The underrepresentation of people of colour must be acknowledged and changed. Within the STEM fields, it is our duty to fix this disparity. We must actively speak out against racism and take action against the disenfranchisement of black individuals.

We at the QSCU stand alongside the black community and other people of colour in the fight against racism and discrimination, and towards the betterment of society. Below we have compiled a list of resources to donate to and organizations to endorse. Included as well are groups dedicated to supporting people of color in STEM.

Black Lives Matter resource detailing the ways you can help:

Resources to Donate to

Projects to Contribute to

  • Build for Black Lives
    • I would recommend applying here to build pro bono projects to support Black businesses, activists, organizers, and community advocates! Use your tech skills to make an impact!

Organizations to Endorse

STEM Related Organizations

  • Black Girls Code
    • An organization that offers workshops, lessons, and school programs to help increase the number of women of colour in technology
  • People of Color in Tech
    • A space that highlights the achievements of people of colour in tech, sharing stories and interviews on their platforms
  • TechGirls Canada
    • A Canadian not-for-profit organization that conducts research, and works on solutions that address the barriers to equity and diversity in STEM. They advocate for LGBTQ+, immigrant, refugee, and Indigenous women, women of all colours and all abilities
  • National Society of Black Physicists
    • An organization that stands for the professional well-being of African American physicists and physics students across the international scientific community
  • National Society of Black Engineers
    • A student-governed organization that supports Black engineers in their academic and professional pursuits 
  • American Indian Science and Engineering Society
    • A North American non-profit organization focused on increasing the representation of indigenous people in STEM studies and careers  

With respect, we're listening.
With humility, we're learning.
With conviction, we're taking action.