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QSCU Executive Role Description

The following is a list of responsibilities which a candidate should consider when applying for this position in the future. This is in no way encompassing of all responsibilities but should give a good guideline to future presidents.

  • Initial course union application & any incurring paperwork
  • Organization of first meeting/Create Day activities
  • Creation of weekly meeting notes/talking points
  • The delegation of duties to appropriate Execs to start the year off (Internal Co-ord organizing regular meetings, Events starting to contact workshop leaders, etc)
  • Prior to the start of the school year contact Faculty/relevant staff introducing yourself and the executive team, meet the in person if at all possible
  • Proper and continuous communication with faculty members to maintain a good relationship
  • Make certain all responsibilities of other executives are being met
  • Speak publicly at course union and faculty events as a representative of the QSCU
  • Organize the financial and final presentation to be held at the AGM before elections
  • Run the elections held at the AGM and count the votes with a second executive, assuming the president is not applying for a position the following year. In the case, they are running for a position any non-returning members of the course union should hold this responsibility
  • Joint ventures between the QSCU and any other on/off campus organization should go through the president

The VP works closely with the president to ensure the course union is running properly. Should the president not be able to complete a task, the VP will step in. Responsibilities include event organization, contacting outside source, general managing and encouraging positive functioning within the course union. This position requires quite a bit of time and dedication. Any responsibilities listed above could become the VP’s responsibility in the case that the president cannot complete it.

Both the president and VP should work closely throughout the year to look for opportunities to expand the course union to add value to our members.

The Treasurer takes care of the course unions monetary needs. This includes grant applications, reimburses, and volunteering for events.

The following is a list of some of the responsibilities held by the VP finance.

• Grant/Funding application
• QSCU budget construction (with president & events)
• Managing funds/expenses
• Ensuring reimbursement for execs/volunteers

The Internal Coordinator takes care of course union organization. This includes answering emails, organizing the Google Drive, documenting all relevant information, schedule creation, managing paperwork and note taking for agendas. They are responsible for maintaining notes during weekly meetings, after each meeting this document should be saved by the Internal Coordinator to the appropriate location in the google drive.

The Internal Coordinator should also organize team bonding events/activities throughout both semesters.

The external coordinator is responsible for representing the QSCU in the local community and creating connections with local businesses. This includes attending local events, keeping up with contacts, and potentially organizing the industry symposium. Since this position is so new to the course union its responsibilities have not yet been solidified. However, the goal of this position is to interact with entities outside of the UBC/Academic community to find opportunities that can be of value to our members.

The events coordinator oversees all events the course union hosts. This includes coming up with event ideas, booking events, and hosting events. This position can require a lot of communication between execs, volunteers, staff, and faculty. Given our absurd number of events each year it is within reason that the events coordinator get assistance from any available execs/volunteers when necessary.

The Subject Rep of the course union speak on behalf of their representative group. Responsibilities include inputting opinion, and volunteering their time and assistance. These position can be time intensive depending on how much is volunteered, however the course union can be more flexible during times of high activity (ex. midterms).

In summary here are some of their responsibilities:

  • Represent their department
  • Bring issues/complaints to the table ie. new course
  • Brainstorm events relevant to their subjects
  • Assist Review session w/ review session coordinator

The Social Media Coordinator is in charge of all promotional designs and creation. This includes posters, logo, t-shirts, etc. They are also responsible for social media accounts and their upkeep. This position requires quite a bit of time and dedication.

This position will oversee the following social media accounts:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Website

The following is a list of responsibilities which a candidate should consider when applying for this new position. This is in no way encompassing of all responsibilities but should give a good guideline:

  • Communication with Supplement Learning
  • Meet with the subject rep to determine review session if not run by SL
  • Make room books and coordinate facebook event pages
  • Advertise to professors, students and Canvas course pages

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