2020-21 QSCU Executive Nominations

The QSCU is currently looking for 2020-2021 executive positions. If you are interested in running for a position please apply as soon as possible. For a list of positions please see our current executive page. If you require more information about positions please email Lauren at president.qscu@gmail.com, or the relative email to the position you are interested in.

The QSCU AGM will be held on April 3rd, with more details to come.


Jordan Krywonos


3rd Year

Hello, I am Jordan, a third-year student majoring in physics. This year I was the Physics Representative of the QSCU. It was a wonderful experience for me to help promote fascinating fields of study. Through review sessions, and workshops, I was able to present new learning opportunities to individuals. I was also able to participate in QSCU events that connected likeminded individuals and allowed networking with professors. Due to my time on the executive, and experience volunteering at events for the past two years, I have gained a good understanding of how the QSCU runs. I have also been involved on campus as a physics TA and a volunteer in a number of outreach programs. Through my volunteering efforts I have held many leadership and mentorship roles, and had experience on committees. My hard work, detail-oriented mindset, and enthusiasm for the quantitative sciences would give me the ability to be the next QSCU President.

Jeff Bulmer

Graduate Student

2nd Year

Hello, my name is Jeff Bulmer, and I am the future president of the QSCU.
You will find that I am very qualified for this position, having led multiple clubs in the past. My qualifications include:
– President, UBCO Movie Maniacs (2019-current)
– Graduate Representative, Quantitative Sciences Course Union (2019-Present)
– President, Heatwave Radio (2014-2016)
– Arts Editor, The Phoenix News (2014-2015)

Additionally, at the very first QSCU meeting I attended, I located the gavel in the room within 5 minutes, while no one else even knew it had been there.

During my time as president of various clubs, I have had lots of experience with bureaucracy, and have become quite experienced at filling out paperwork, applying for funding, and creating itemized lists. Additionally, I have worked hand in hand with every member of each club I have worked with, collaborating with them, and training them for future positions.
As president of the QSCU, I bring this experience and intend to work inseparably from the incoming Vice President. If elected, I will defer to them for every decision, in hopes of building up a healthy and prepared next-generation QSCU.
Thank you for your vote

Vice President

Kathryn Lecha

Computer Science, Data Science Minor

3rd Year

Hello! My name is Kathryn Lecha and I am the current Events Coordinator of the QSCU and previous External Coordinators. As Events Coordinator, I helped organize and run events and workshops, supporting the Subject Representatives however I could. I have a very good understanding of how the QSCU runs and what is needed to be an executive and I hope to help the new executive team in the transition process however I can. Over the past year, Lauren has worked very hard to solidify the community and relations of the QSCU, and I would like to see these changes continue on into next year, especially given the state of current university events. I hope to do everything in my power to support the team next year as vice president.

Internal Coordinator

Jake Egarhos

Computer Science

4th Year

Hey, my name is Jake and I’m in my fourth year of university, now pursuing a major in computer science. While I’ve been friends with some members of the team for a while now, this will be my first year as part of the QSCU. As Internal Coordinator, I’m really hoping to bring a little positivity into everyone’s day with fun and readable newsletters and updates. I’m really enthusiastic about promoting a positive group culture and I think a key part of that is keeping everyone informed about all the cool things we are going to be organizing. Two years ago I was Internal Coordinator for the UBCO Robotics Club and I had a ton of fun writing little jokes in our email updates to lift everyones spirits. I’m really hoping to get a smile or chuckle out of everyone in the club and to keep a positive energy all around, as well as to keep everyone up to date on upcoming QSCU events. I’m looking forward to working with a great team this year!

VP Finance

Barret Jackson

Computer Science

4th Year

Hey all, I’m Barret! I’m a fourth (-ish) year computer science student here at UBCO. This is my second undergraduate degree now; straight out of high school, I obtained a BSc in biology from the University of Alberta with a minor in philosophy. I’ve been a member of the QSCU since my first year at UBCO, attending meetings when my course schedule allowed, and you’ll probably recognize me from attending most of the workshops that were offered.

Finance has always been something that fascinates me. I used to be a mortgage broker for TMG, and learned a lot about managing income and expenses for my clients, especially with regards to improving credit scores. Explaining concepts like total debt service ratios and fixed vs. variable interest rates to clients, then implementing plans for them to succeed financially were very exciting parts of this job. I was recently hired by Refresh Financial, a fintech firm which helps clients improve their credit scores. Finally, I’m an amateur investor who is particularly interested in real estate investment and clean energy.

Looking forward to keeping the QSCU in the black!

External Coordinator

Jaden Balogh

Computer Science

3rd Year

Hey I’m Jaden, a computer science major with a passion for video game development. I’d like to join the executive team because I really want to make a difference and bring the QSCU to a new level. Here are some examples of changes I’m aiming to achieve:
– like maybe show up to meetings sometimes idk
– uhhhhhh and so on

So as you can see my campaign really aims to do something different and exciting compared to past external coordinators. My relevant skills include C#, C++, C, C–, Java, JavaScript, ZilchScript, React, Node.js, HTML/CSS, PHP, Visual Basic, Assembly, ASP.net, Unity, Zero, One, Binary, R, LaTeX, PostgreSQL, MySQL, and MS SQL (but the computer science department doesn’t believe that last one).

Thanks for considering me for this position.

Social Media Coordinator

Logan Parker

Computer Science

1st Year

Hey! My name is Logan, I am a first-year Computer Science student with a specific interest in artificial intelligence, video game development, photography, and advertising. I believe that the QSCU is an integral (cool math reference) part of the UBCO science faculty and I would appreciate the opportunity to join the team. I believe I could have a positive impact within the club through contributions such as: networking with students to explore opportunities for different possible workshops, creating creative and exciting advertisements to help grow the QSCU, and a lot of bad puns! Past experiences have allowed me to develop several skills that I feel are beneficial towards this role. For instance, while running my photography business I have had experience working and building relationships with clients, as well as networking to grow my client base. Additionally, I have completed several projects, including a 3d printed robotic bartender using Arduino, and smaller applications in Java and Python. This summer I will be working as a software engineer for a firm in Calgary where I hope to improve upon these skills. I’d like to thank you for your consideration, and look forward to applying my skills within the club!

Computer Science Representative

Elias Pinno

Computer Science

2nd Year

I’m Elias Pinno, a boisterous computer science student. The reason why I want to be part of the executive team is to give students real skills in computer science. In my experience, many students are not getting nearly everything they could from their time in the computer science program, and workshops such as the github or web development workshops are a great way to try to get knowledge to students very quickly. I feel as though the most valuable thing computer science students can get in their time here is exposure to as many different types of computer science as possible, and my objective with workshops will be to give them just that. As far as qualifications go, I feel like I have plenty relevant experience. During the past year, I’ve been part of the Sports Programming Club executive team, and responsible for teaching members competitive programming skills during weekly lectures. I’ve also worked with data science and web development programming through course work. Overall, I feel like I could really help students as part of the QSCU executive team and am excited to help students!

Data Science & Statistics Representative

Nathan Nesbitt

Computer Science, Data Science Minor

3rd Year

Hey I’m Nathan, I’m a (soon to be) fourth year computer science student who is minoring in data science. I love data science and statistics, and would love to help set-up events for students to learn and improve their understanding of statistics. I previously was VP Internal of the VSAOC (Okanagan College Student Union) and was the North Okanagan Student Representative on the Education Council for Okanagan College.

Review Session Coordinator

 Courtney Gosselin

Computer Science, Data Science Minor

4th Year

As an individual who grew up outside a town of 3000, who hadn’t touched the internet until age 18, it is truly a miracle that I found my way into Computer Science. That said, it is not the first field I explored out of high-school. Eighteen-year-old me, as one of the fifteen or so people from my graduating class pursuing further education, decided to go study healthcare as a Therapist Assistant at OC. I wouldn’t say I was not interested in this field, but I craved more. This is what brought me to computer science at UBC, surprisingly ready to tackle technology that was still relatively new to me. Even as I had a few struggles (looking at Gao here), I fought through the last four years with help from friends I found along the way. The greatest thing about these friends and about my schooling here is that we all came together under common struggles and common victories, and that is what becoming part of the QSCU means to me. It is thanks to this school, the students and the professors, that I now have experience as a Junior Developer working at WestGrid and UBC.

Java, SQL, PHP, Python, MatLab, ReactJS, JavaScript, jQuery, R, Latex Git, Github/GitLab, Vim, Linux, Android Studio, Eclipse , VSCode, Photoshop, Illustrator, PyCharm